Member Verification

What Does Verification Mean? 

Verification (indicated by a checkmark) means that Ms. Ava or a designee has spoken with the member and confirmed that they’re a real person with apparent good intentions.  We don’t ask for ID or personal information; it involves a friendly phone conversation and a $50 contribution.

Verification is optional. We implemented it to add a layer of confidence in someone you might engage with.

A member who’s willing to have a conversation with Ms. Ava about their interests and to support the community is more likely to be sincere. While verification doesn’t a guarantee a member’s good conduct or the accuracy of their profile, it can be a valuable filter.

Of course, a member can be (and probably is) a wonderful human being without verification. It’s something to consider when deciding who to engage with, and how.

Verification is at our discretion. Members are asked to report any member, verified or not, who exhibits questionable conduct.

To request a verification call, email [email protected] with the subject line “Verification Request” and we’ll send you instructions. 


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