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Crossdressing Events: Submit Your Event

Organizers: Do you have a crossdressing event, workshop, live podcast, or meetup (online or in person) you’d like to to promote to our growing community of crossdressers, sissies, transfemmes, and admirers?

Circle of Q Members: Do you want to announce your own get-together, workshop, or party?

Submit your event for posting on our Crossdressing Events Calendar!

Guidelines for Listing: 

(i) Events should be fun, inspirational, social, or educational.

(ii) Events must must be of interest to recreational crossdressers, gender nonconformists, transfemmes of all types, and/or their admirers. Topics specific to transwomen and gender identity (e.g., dysphoria, transitioning, hormones, legal issues, gender politics) are not a good match for our site.

(iii) Profit-making events that charge a fee will be asked for a contribution.

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