The Story of CoQ

Circle of Q was founded in 2020 by Ms. Ava Durga and her dear friend, the lovely sissy muse, Rebecca Lynn (Becca).  Wonderful things happened when their paths crossed.

A Bit About Us

Ms. Ava Durga discovered the fun of feminizing males in 2001, and has helped crossdressers, sissies, and bi-curious males achieve their potential at The Sissy Parlor in South Florida since 2017. She’s been a guiding force in helping them accept that their feminine side, often including the desire for receptive sexuality, is a key part of their psyche that they should embrace. She helps them understand that such fantasies and desires, while misunderstood by most partners and society, are common and need to be expressed in a safe space. Hundreds of CDs and wannabe sissies from around the world have sought her guidance and support. In addition to her private consulting practice and The Sissy Parlor, Ms. Ava founded the Blue Belles Meetup group for crossdressers and transfemmes (450 members and growing) and developed a private introduction network for upscale CDs, sissies, tops, and admirers in South Florida.    [Full bio and media links]


Sissy Becca is a prototypical sissy in that she lives two lives—one as an alpha male and the other as a submissive sissy who has completely embraced her own sexuality. It took Becca 15 years to evolve from a scared little girl trying on stockings for the first time, to buying her first pair of shoes, to having the closet full of sexy sissy clothes, shoes, wigs, and makeup that she has today.

As with most CDs, she took to the Internet to try to satisfy her initial forays into femininity. And as with other CDs, she could never find a site that was developed for her type by people who truly understood her needs and desires. She found the existing sissy “dating” sites to be full of scammers and flakes, and often run by faceless corporations just trying to get her money.

As Becca evolved and truly embraced her inner sissy, she traveled to South Florida to meet Ms. Ava at the Sissy Parlor. During their first conversation, Becca told Ms. Ava, “I’m here because I want to learn how to be a better sissy.” (Note from Ms. Ava: Becca is fulfilling her potential and remains achievement oriented, like any good gurl should be). [Full Bio]


How and Why We Created Circle of Q

Ms. Ava and Sissy Becca hit it off tremendously and started discussing the need for an online community that would integrate the following four principles:

+ A safe online environment where crossdressers, sissies, bi-curious or bisexual males, admirers, tops, and partners can meet, interact, and play.

+ A social and dating site for adults that’s not padded with dummy profiles.

+ A community developed by CDs, sissies, and admirers to provide an engaging experience that’s free from scammers and solicitations.

+ Utmost discretion and privacy for all members.

Becca talked about the need for a worldwide social community based upon the four principles above. Ms. Ava recognized the same need, and loved the idea of connecting far more people than she could alone. As their friendship blossomed, they realized that their combined talents, resources, knowledge, passions, and personalities could bring such a site to fruition… and Circle of Q was born.


The Path Forward and Upward

We’re doing our best to create a thriving community where you can have fun and find new partners and friends—cross-dressers, sissies, transfemmes, bi-curious males, admirers, tops, and couples who want to meet and play—and hope you’ll be part of our early growth.

As promised, we don’t inflate our membership with fake profiles or “borrow” them from other sites, as many others do. So while the number of members may be limited at first, you’ll know that every profile is connected to a real person.

We ask for your patience and support as we build membership and develop a critical mass of users. This may take a couple of months, but we’re confident that your CoQ will grow quickly. 😊

The site will launch with full chat and video conferencing functionality. Over time, we’ll be adding more educational content, real-life stories, online events, discussions, a podcast, and more. We hope to become the go-to destination not only for meeting new like-minded friends, but for support and guidance for those just beginning to explore this part of themselves.

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