Top 10 Crossdresser Blogs

Crossdressing is more than just a kink. Beyond the clothes and the makeup, it’s a form of self-expression and freedom. It’s being able to freely and wholly express your sexuality the best way you know how. And yet, a lot of CDs, perhaps like yourself, think that they’re alone in this journey to femininity. But in truth, you’d be amazed at how many other men have thought about or have even started wearing panties.

We guarantee you, you’re not the only one, so just be YOU.

So, here, we’ve done a search for the most well-known online bloggers in the crossdressing community and we’ve cum down (pun intended) to 10.

Without further chit-chat, here they are and happy reading!

1. Femme Secrets


Lucille is a natural-born female with a flair for helping crossdressers become the gorgeous femmes they want to be. With her background as a fashion designer and photo stylist, she can be your go-to girlfriend for advice about makeup, fashion, and style.

Her content ranges from transgender and crossdressing resources to tips on beauty, dressing up, and complete male-to-female transformations from the way you talk, walk and feel about yourself.

2. Glamour Boutique


Glamour Boutique is a treasure trove of useful tips and advice for the beginner CD. They have a wide assortment of articles from corset and waist training help to beauty and fashion tips, to crossdresser events, contests, and personal stories from real CDs.

I bet you’d also love their feature stories, such as their “eye candy of the month,” plus a lot of fabulous guides like how to dress like a sissy maid or how to choose the right breast forms for you.

3. Fiona Dobson’s Crossdressing Blog


“Accept yourself as you are — create yourself as you desire.” 

Fiona Dobson’s Crossdressing Blog is just the right dose of positivity and self-love that we all need. Her blog focuses on your inner girl and how you can release that girl to the world. She’s all about helping you feel more feminine and gender-fluid as you can be. If you’re struggling with self-acceptance and freedom, she’s here to support you and give you all the encouragement you need to finally try on that lingerie, wear those pumps, and strut that runway like the girl you were always meant to be!

4. Crossdresser Society


The Crossdresser Society is founded by Marcy Simpson, a lifelong crossdresser herself. She founded the website in the hopes of being able to reach out to crossdressers who are still struggling to come into terms with their female side.

The Crossdresser Society aims to offer a place where CDs can share their journeys and knowledge about crossdressing and feminization so here, you’ll find plenty of content about male-to-female transformations, product reviews, and impressive crossdressing tips and tricks, as well as a lot of advice on where to shop. And for sure, you’ll also love their section on real confessions of other crossdressers like yourself.

5. Crossdreamers


If you agree that sexuality is a broad subject that cannot be contained inside the traditional social categories or labels, then Crossdreamers is the right place for you. Crossdreamer is a page for men and women who dream about being the other gender or who are interested in crossing gender lines.

This blog tackles gender and sexuality with so much vigor, passion, and warmth. You can find a lot of resources and information about crossdressers, transgenders, queer, and gender-variant people here (even to a scientific extent!).

6. Hannah Mcknight


This is a personal blog by Hannah where she shares a piece of her life, talking about balancing between her two gender identities. While she mainly identifies herself as a transgender or a “T-girl” as she’d like to call it, she has no plans of fully transitioning and is happy living her best life crossing between her two gender identities.

You’ll love her blog if you’re interested in seeing authentic stories of genuine people who are fully embracing their authentic selves. As a bonus, she also has a growing list of transgender resources that you might want to check out, especially if you’re living in Minnesota!

7. Crossdresser Heaven


Crossdresser Heaven is a haven for all things transgender and crossdressing. It’s teeming with insights, advice, and crossdressing success stories from different CDs and TGs in the community. You can find almost anything at Crossdresser Heaven, from photos, videos, forums, information, content, suggestions, and countless words of encouragement in a healthy and supportive environment.

8. My Weekend Shoes


My Weekend Shoes is a blog by Liz, a married CD who is openly out in her personal life. She put up the blog to help other people understand what crossdressing really is (especially what it is not!), and to share her knowledge, thoughts, and experiences in crossdressing with others who are struggling to find more accurate and genuine articles and resources, especially for CDs like herself.

You’ll enjoy her how-to tutorials, product reviews, and of course, her personal musings about life and crossdressing!

9. My Cool Diverse Life


The blogger behind My Cool Diverse Life is Gabrielle, also called “Gabi.” In her blog, she openly talks about her journey and her personal struggles during her transition. As she aptly put it, it was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. And for many of us, it might’ve felt like that at some point, but as she also shares in her blog, those moments of doubt and despair are what helped her to develop a more profound understanding of people and society.

Gabi is now a public speaker and counselor by profession so you’ll pick up a lot of heartfelt thoughts and advice from her blog. From busting crossdresser myths to giving personal advice through her ‘Dear Gabi’ column, you’ll love how she is so raw, real, and insightful. Plus, she has short videos on her page that you’ll definitely enjoy watching!

10. World of Crossdressing


The Word of Crossdressing is a page dedicated to everything crossdressing-related. It contains tons of M2F photo inspirations, so if you are looking for some beauty tips and fashion ideas, you’ll enjoy browsing through numerous M2F transformations here.

Found something you like from our list? Enjoyed reading it? Join us at for more articles like this one and to learn more about our community. See you inside the circle!

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