Member Spotlight: Chrissy Reams

In this episode of Member Spotlight, we have Chrissy Reams. Chrissy is another founder member of Circle of Q and definitely another interesting lady in our community. Today, she shared about how she started her crossdressing journey, her challenges as a CD, and more about her transformations from an alpha male to a gorgeous sissy! 

Listen now:

  • 0:46 – When did you start crossdressing and how has it evolved for you?
  • 2:14 – How do you feel different when you’re dressed? What does it do for you?
  • 3:22 – Does anybody else know about you being a CD other than your wife?
  • 3:34 – Socializing with other CDs in the community 
  • 5:19 – The CD Bucket List
  • 6:12 – What advice would you give to other CDs in their early exploration?

Circle of Q members can see the video interview and notes in the members area.

By Ava Durga

I'm one of the cofounders of Circle of Q and love working with Sissy Becca and our team to create this community for you. I established The Sissy Parlor of South Florida in 2017, the Blue Belles Meetup groups for CDs and transfemmes in 2018, dressed my first sissy in 2001, and have been privy to a broad spectrum of identities, relationships, sexualities, and lifestyles along the way.  In addition to running Circle of Q, I advise male clients all over the world on accepting and exercising the desire to explore feminine experiences of all types. Read my extended bio here.  

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