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Today’s guest blog is brought to you by UK based, gender-free makeup brand Jecca Blac. Jecca Blac began with safe space makeup lessons for makeup wearers at the very start of their journey with self expression – presenting clients an opportunity to experiment with makeup for the first time in a relaxed, private, judgement free setting. Many of the clients to attend these makeup lessons were from the trans and cross dressing community, and came to Jecca Blac’s Founder with requests for concealing beard shadow, developing a contour regime, and finding the best ways to add pops of colour when completing their look.

Because of this, Jecca Blac has created playful pigments which can be applied to the eyes, cheeks AND lips, making it easier than ever to add personality to your look with a touch of creativity and colour. We consider ourselves experts in the field of meeting the needs of transfeminine makeup wearers, as well as those who wish to cross dress and want to incorporate makeup in their gender expression!

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We hope you enjoy today’s blog! We’re sharing our top tips for makeup for the lips – liners, lipsticks and glosses!

Save the color til last!

Our first tip for applying any colourful pigments to the eyes, cheeks & lips is to make sure all your base makeup is completed first. We appreciate this step won’t be relevant to everyone as some makeup wearers just like to wear colourful makeup without any base coverage – but for those that do include beard coverage and base makeup in their regimes, we recommend reading our previous blog post with some of our top tips, which you can read here!

The reason we recommend completing all skin preparation and base application first is because if you apply lipstick or any other colourful pigments before applying any base coverage, you could transfer the colourful pigment to other areas of the face – for example, bringing pink lip gloss into your beard shadow coverage. For the most seamless application, the lips are best saved til last.

Keep your lips hydrated & exfoliated!

For seamless application of lip liners, lipsticks and glosses, we recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips first. You can do this by creating or purchasing a lip scrub (we find YouTube is filled with useful homemade recipes for this). Using a lip scrub will help remove any dead skin from your lips, making a silky smooth base for makeup to be applied onto. Once you have exfoliated your lips, you can moisturise them using a lip balm or some Vaseline. Apply a thin layer onto your lips and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes in order to help alleviate any dryness on your lips. In addition to this, our best recommendation is to sleep with lip balm on your lips each night in order to keep them hydrated and fresh for makeup wear the following day. Using Vaseline little and often is the best way to maintain moisture in the lips, whereas slathering lots of balm onto the lips before applying any lip makeup will result in a greasy surface and a slippery base – which will lead to poor staying power for your makeup. Regularly keeping your lips hydrated, exfoliated and applying a thin layer of balm before you apply your lip pigments will present the perfect base for smooth application!

It’s time to line!

Now you have completed any skin, base and lip prep involved with creating your look, it’s time to begin applying pigments. Choose your products based on your mood and the kind of look you’re trying to emulate. To create a guide on the lip shape you want to achieve and provide a border for any other lip products you want to incorporate in your look (such as a lipstick or lip gloss), we recommend starting with a lip liner.

For a natural look, opt for a lip liner slightly darker than your natural lip colour. For a statement look, choose a liner 2-3 shades darker than any lipsticks you plan to incorporate in your look. When lining your lips, we recommend starting with the Cupid’s Bow (the dip in the top centre of your lips, directly below your nose), and then working out towards the sides of your mouth. You can be as creative as you wish, overlining just outside the border of your natural lip shade to create an illusion of extra fullness, or creating a more pouty shape with an exaggerated cupid’s bow. Once you have completed your top lip, continue on from your outer lips and bring the shape into the middle of your lower lip. Lining your lips also helps prevent colours from ‘bleeding’ or running, providing a sturdy base for any lip coverage on the way.


Now you have lined your lips, it’s time for some lipstick! Lipsticks come in an array of different textures and finishes, ranging from matte to silky with a smooth satin finish. While matte lipsticks tend to have the best grip for longer lasting wear, matte products are not recommended for makeup wearers who are looking to combat the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines with their regimes. This is because matte products can become chunky when they settle into any uneven skin texture, resulting in an exaggerated appearance of any wrinkles in the skin.

For makeup wearers looking for a matte lip, we have a collection of Long Lasting Lipsticks available in 4 unapologetic shades (red, pink, coral and nude) – serving major colour pay off and a long lasting formula. For makeup wearers looking to avoid matte formulas, our Play Pots are buttery smooth formulas which can be applied as a lip tint, blush AND cream eye shadow. These travel-friendly pots are our go-to for a versatile pop of colour anywhere on the face and body you want to add some colour to. Suited to all skin tones, these are buildable and apply seamlessly using a brush or your fingertips.

We made a video all about how to make the most of our Play Pots. Watch it here!


Remember what we said earlier about matte lipsticks on makeup wearers looking to combat lines or wrinkles around the mouth area? You can actually transform the formula of a matte lipstick by applying a gloss over it. Doing so will deliver a fabulous staying power for your product while also changing the formula to be more universally flattering for makeup wearers of every age. Although applying a gloss will result in less longevity out of the lipstick’s wear than if you skip the gloss, you’ll still notice major pigment pay off from the matte lipstick complimented with the gloss over the top. A clear gloss is a must-have for adding versatility, dimension and shine for those moments when you want to soften a lip look due to the light reflecting texture of a gloss. To keep your clear gloss from becoming tainted with other colours you are already wearing, we recommend putting some of the gloss onto the back of your hand and then patting it onto your lip using a fingertip or applicator instead of applying directly from the lip gloss tube. You’ll need to reapply throughout the day (or night!) in order to maintain a freshly-glossed look, but for makeup wearers who LOVE a glossy finish, part of the fun is the maintenance and the action of applying the gloss throughout any occasion.

We hope you enjoyed our top tips for making the most of ANY lip look! 

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Jecca Blac always strives to celebrate makeup wearers with a mantra of being authentic, creative and inclusive.


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By Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac is a gender free makeup brand that was founded by Jessica Blackler, offering makeup lessons to transgender and crossdressing make-up wearers. Jecca Blac's mission is to be a brand that represents all beauty lovers: all expressions, genders, sexualities, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes. As well as providing cruelty free makeup products we also help bring our beautiful community together.

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