Ask Ms. Ava: “Why Does CoQ Charge a Membership Fee?”

Ms. Ava,

I just created an account and can find no profiles. If this is a member protected feature, then I feel like you’re crippling your cause. It’s hard for me to believe you guys are actually trying to create a thriving community (for people who DESPERATELY need more of them) if you put the community behind a paywall.

Think about your competition in Tinder and more close to home, Grindr. I want more specified places for us, I want us to connect, but money milking is not the method. 


Dear J,

Thank you for your feedback. I understand your position, especially if you’re accustomed to the free accounts offered by the huge corporate hookup sites you mentioned. (Aside from the fact that nothing is really free, but that’s another discussion…)

Becca and I decided to go a different route, because that free model creates the problems we’re trying to avoid.

Circle of Q is designed as a private social community. In addition to covering our expenses, the membership fee serves as a filter. It eliminates many of the problems that plague other sites: bots, findommes, scammers, extortionists, time wasters, and abandoned or fake profiles.

Would you pay $40 to go into a private club where you could discreetly get to know other friendly CDs and admirers, each of whom also invested something to be there? The free sites have no barrier to entry; they become more like an overflowing convention hall crowded with impostors, pickpockets, and flakes. It takes time to weed them out. It takes luck to elude the more clever ones. CDs and admirers are especially vulnerable. How much is your time worth? Your peace of mind?

Circle of Q members also get access to online events, private content, private web chat, classifieds and live party postings (coming soon), and more.

It’s important to Becca and me to create a community of real value and privacy—not another anonymous site to capture e-mail addresses and data. I hope I’ve been able to clarify the difference and explain what what we’re trying to accomplish…and that you’ll decide to join us. (-:

Thank you again for your comments.

Ms. Ava


By Ava Durga

I'm one of the cofounders of Circle of Q and love working with Sissy Becca and our team to create this community for you. I established The Sissy Parlor of South Florida in 2017, the Blue Belles Meetup groups for CDs and transfemmes in 2018, dressed my first sissy in 2001, and have been privy to a broad spectrum of identities, relationships, sexualities, and lifestyles along the way.  In addition to running Circle of Q, I advise male clients all over the world on accepting and exercising the desire to explore feminine experiences of all types.

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