Best Ways to Promote Our Affiliate Program for Adults

Welcome to the CoQ Affiliate Program!

Thank you for joining the CoQ Brand Ambassador affiliate program (if you didn’t join yet, you can JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM HERE!)

CircleofQ has one of the best online communities for CDS, sissies and their friends, with a rewarding payout of 20% per sale for memberships through our CoQ Brand Ambassador affiliate program!

So, now, when you share the LOVE and your experience about being a member, (and how awesome we are!), you can also earn money referring your friends, crossdressers, sissies, bi-curious femme bois and our admirers to the site with your unique link. (Get your unique affiliate link here by signing into your account–Please note: you must sign up for an account first before you can log in)

Here you will find all the resources you need to successfully promote your unique links and banners on your sites, on social media, via email and texting.

See our affiliate banners here.

Below are some of our tips on how to promote your affiliate link and be the best Brand Ambassador.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is the best way to tell your friends about CoQ and how awesome it is. Tell them you found a new site that is really amazing, just for people “like us”: a fun, thriving community where they can be themselves, where everyone understands and respects their desires. Then ask your friends if they’d like you to text or email them the link to invite them to join the community.

Also, make sure to send them the link to your own profile so when they sign up they can add you as a friend right away. (Please note, new members can’t add friends until they add their profile and pic).

This is what your link will look like:

Remember, be honest and tell them why you enjoy CoQ and encourage them to join. Don’t try to be salesy.

Here is what you can add to your email (please edit it appropriately, using your own words):

“I just joined CircleofQ, an online community where CDs, Sissies, Bi-curious Men and their Admirers meet & play! It’s awesome because… [use your own words to tell your friends why it is awesome] …

CoQ is run by Ms. Ava and Sissy Becca who started the site as they saw a need for a REAL online community for Sissies, CDs and their friends, based on these principles:

+ A safe online environment where crossdressers, sissies, bi-curious or bisexual males, admirers, tops, and partners can meet, interact, and play.

+ A social and dating site for adults that’s not padded with dummy profiles.

+ A community developed by CDs, sissies, and admirers to provide an engaging experience that’s free from scammers and solicitations.

+ Utmost discretion and privacy for all members.

Some of our great perks of being a member include:

  • Live Group Chat
  • 1 on 1 Live Chat
  • Weekly Meetups & Live Chat
  • Chance to Hang out with Cool like-minded friends
  • Chance to share your story in our Community Blog!
  • Chance to Flirt with Kinky, Sexy femmes, sissies, CDs and Male Tops!
  • And so much more!

For a limited time, they are offering a promo membership for only $19.99… I wanted to make sure you were able to take advantage of this, so make sure to use the Promo Code when you join: CoQIntro2.

Come check it out here:


I know you will love it as much as I do! I’ve already made lots of amazing cool friends!

Warm Regards,

[Your Name Here]”

Your friends can sign up for free, and when they upgrade to get all the other cool features, you will get credit for the sale! And, remember, our membership is recurring, so you will continue to earn commissions for as long as they stay a member!

Where Can I Share My Affiliate Link?

Your Site or Blog

If you own your own site or blog, this is the perfect place to add one of our banners and link codes to the front page of your site (usually in a sidebar works well, or top header banner).

You can also write a post or review about our program and add a call to action at the end of your blog post with affiliate links or banners there.

Social Media

If you don’t own your own site you can post our affiliate banners and links to Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, Pinterest, Youtube, Reddit, or anywhere else you may have a social profile or a social group online you are a member of. Don’t forget Facebook groups for Crossdressers and Sissies!

Make sure you’re not spamming your followers with your affiliate link posts though, please. Your goal is to convince someone to click on your affiliate links and make a purchase. Do so by posting entertaining, educational, and intriguing content that includes the affiliate links.

Example: “I just joined CircleofQ, an online community where CDs, Sissies, Bi-curious Men and their Admirers meet & play! It’s awesome because… (use your own words to tell your friends why it is awesome) … Come check it out here “Add CircleofQ & your affiliate link.”

Texting Friends

If you have friends you know who would enjoy the group, you could mention to them in a text that you found this very awesome group to join and send the affiliate link in your text.

Email Friends

Again, the same goes with emails. If you have friends you think would benefit from being a member of CoQ, send them an email about the group. Again, be sure not to spam your friends, and make the email social and talk about other stuff first and then you can say, “Oh by the way… I found this awesome group online… add a description and your affiliate link.”

Final Tip

Use link cloaking to change the long affiliate link into a shorter, sharable link, such as

Hope you find our tips helpful. And, remember, just be authentic, and share the LOVE!

By Member Resource Center

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