Adventures with Sissy Becca – Fun in Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

Welcome to my first post in the continuing “Adventures with Sissy Becca: The ongoing tales of a Sissy’s Rites of Passage“. Watch this space for updates 😉


I am lucky to live in Las Vegas and while most people think of Vegas as Sin City and a gambling mecca, it’s also an amazing place to live because of the climate and plethora of outdoor activities. It also happens to be a place where crossdressers can dress up in their favorite outfits and enjoy the restaurants, casinos, clubs and shows.

Being known as the place where “what happens here, stays here” makes it a great place for CDs to come and bask in their sissihood and just be a girl in public. I’ve been out numerous times on my own to bars and to the high-end casinos and there is a small, but thriving CD community that meets regularly.  In addition, we have our own fledgling Meetup group called The Blue Belles of Las Vegas  It is an extension of the highly popular Blue Belles group in South Florida run by Ms. Ava.

True Love

Several weeks ago, a couple of dear friends who are members of Circle of Q came to Vegas from Florida for a long weekend. I was honored to spend time with them and to play tour guide for a few days. They are an amazing couple. She, I’ll call her LC, is a dominant female and her partner, I’ll call her S, is one very sexy crossdresser. S has been dressing for years, is passable and is extremely comfortable going out. She is thin with gorgeous legs and a sexy body. LC is gorgeous, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and is one of the most genuine and nicest people that I’ve ever met. They have only been together for a couple of years, but it’s so easy to see the devotion they have to each other.  They are an inspiration to every CD/Sissy out there because they are proof that there are women that love us for our feminine side AND truly enjoy being in a relationship with a man that dresses.

As a single gurl myself, I’ve been looking for a woman that will embrace my crossdressing and love me the way that LC clearly loves S. So, it was so much fun just watching them interact with each other. It gave me hope that, yes! there are women out there that can love us for being who we are. (More of that in a later blog… because I think I found my own special woman 😊).

Night on the Town

We had a packed evening planned. First up was dinner at a great Asian fusion restaurant, followed by drinks at a bar. A quick stop by the iconic Vegas sign was a must-see tourist stop and then on to a nightclub. It was a great plan and while we didn’t actually do all of those things, we still had an amazing time.

First, it’s important for you all to know that while this sissy has been out in public a lot and has eaten at restaurants, the restaurants were always in well-known gay areas, like Wilton Manors in Florida. I have never been to an upscale restaurant like the ones you see in the luxury casinos in Vegas. So… meeting S and LC there was going to be a real first for me and if you’re the type of sissy that I am, you truly enjoy all new “firsts”. Isn’t that one of the best things about crossdressing?  We get to have so many exhilarating “firsts” as we explore our femininity.

I was extremely nervous before meeting them because I would have to park in the parking garage, go into the casino, walk across the casino floor to the escalators up to the floor with the restaurants and then get to my table. As some of you might know, I’m 6’1” without heels, so while I think I’m fairly passable my height clearly gives me away when I wear heels.  To compensate I made sure to wear my flats so I wouldn’t be too conspicuous at the restaurant and I brought my heels for the bar afterward.

The Hottest Girls at the Table

I arrived early and genuinely enjoyed walking across the busy casino floor to the escalator and up to the restaurant. I enjoyed the few looks that I got from the gamblers around the craps table as I strutted by. I checked into the restaurant without incident, other than the hostess telling me she loved my legs and wished hers were as sexy. That made me feel like a Princess of course 😊 and gave me confidence for the rest of the evening. LC and S showed up soon after and they looked adorable. They were wearing matching outfits (as LC said “Yes, we are that couple” 😊), metallic looking short skirts, sexy sleeveless tops and matching high heels. They looked stunning and were clearly the hottest looking girls in the restaurant as was evidenced by all the admiring glances from the neighboring tables.

It was so much fun sitting in this fancy restaurant having a girl’s night out with them. We had a delicious meal that was somewhat rushed because of our reservation at the next bar, but it was exhilarating for me to hang out with them at this upscale restaurant and just enjoy being a girl with friends. From the time we arrived to the end of the evening, there were no uncomfortable moments from any crass or classless people. For S, that’s a normal evening out because she looks so good and is so comfortable with it, but for me, it’s just another step in my evolution of being a confident gurl when I’m out.  The experience at dinner tells me that any gurl that wants to spend more time in public but is afraid to because of how she thinks people will act, should come to Vegas and just be herself and enjoy all this great town has to offer.

Rites of Passage

After leaving the restaurant we went to more of a traditional gay bar for drinks and more conversation. As I’m sure LC and S would agree, it was a boring bar, with little going on. But I did get to have another first.

I had always planned my outings to be short, so I wouldn’t have the problem of needing to go to the bathroom, but this was a longer time out, so I needed to go. Thanks to LC, I got to experience what all girls do… they go to the bathroom together. I know this might sound pedestrian to some of you, but for me it was another rite of passage, to walk into the women’s bathroom, take care of my business, fix my makeup and then go back to the table.

From there, we went to the iconic Las Vegas sign and stood in line with all the other people wanting to get a memento of their time in Vegas. That was so much fun getting pics with LC and S in front of the sign. To get the pictures, we had to wait in line for our turn about 20 minutes. The crowd was a typical Vegas crowd filled with tourists of all ages and all stages of sobriety.  But we never felt out of place or the objects of stares from the waiting patrons.  If anything, I believe that we were objects of desire for everybody. 😊

Standing on Top of the World in 4″ Heels

That’s when we decided to shake up our itinerary. It was too early to go to the nightclub, so we decided to ride the High Roller. The High Roller is the massive Observation Wheel… basically, a Ferris wheel on steroids.  Each pod holds up to 20 people and the ride lasts a half hour as you rotate around the wheel and top off at 550 feet above the ground. I had always wanted to do the High Roller as Becca and I was so happy that LC and S wanted to go. The views were amazing, and it was so much fun watching LC and S look at the sights of Vegas in wonderment.

Please keep in mind, I had shifted to my 4” heels by this time, so I was no longer just a tall gurl in flats exploring Vegas. I was a 6’5” hot, sexy sissy… at least in my mind I was. 😊 . But even looking like I did, I felt 100% comfortable and the only glances I caught were admiring glances as they checked out my legs. 😊 I highly recommend the High Roller to all CDs that come to this amazing town. It will be a true test of your courage and security in your femininity, but once you overcome your fear and do it, you will be so happy and will gain confidence in just being you.

An Evening to Cherish

That ended the portion of the night for me with LC and S. My toes were killing me after being in heels for 3 hours so I dropped LC and S off and they continued to have fun. I connected with them again a day after for more sightseeing and to continue cementing our friendship with time spent together.

Overall, it was such a fun night with these two-amazing people. The love they have for each other and the way they are so comfortable with who they are was truly inspiring to me. I hope they visit Vegas again soon so I can have another exhilarating evening. Thanks for the fun… and the firsts.  😊


By Rebecca Lynn

Please call me Becca. I'm so happy to be part of this community.

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  • Jolette

    Wow, A beautiful story of a beautiful evening with beautiful people … Cheers! and ty for sharing 🙂

  • Ladycoventina

    Great time with with you sexy gurls.

  • Domina Doll

    Love this story! Makes me want to visit Vegas again! Yes, a great city and lots of fun. I’d love to go on that High Rollar ride. We did go to the Voodoo Lounge (a rooftop dance bar) a few times as we were staying at the Rio. It had an awesome view and great dance floor if