7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Circle of Q

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Circle of Q

This site is dedicated to providing crossdressers and their admirers an opportunity to interact, mingle, enjoy virtual connections, and even meet in the real world. Whether you’re a panty boy, a crossdresser, a sissy, a bisexual man, or a straight man that likes to play with us, we’re here to help you have fun.

We’ve compiled these 7 things to help maximize this opportunity to be fully you… and find others who like you that way.

1. Be yourself.

This is the place where you can be proud of who you are, what you desire, and how you express yourself to the world. Feel free to let your feminine side show if you’re a CD, or your masculine side if you’re a top looking for a CD. Don’t hold anything back. Just be you.

2. Fully complete your profile.

Make sure to fully complete your profile. The more details you add about yourself and what you are looking for, the more those who are interested will want to connect. You don’t have to write your memoirs, but a few details please?!

3. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Make sure you have plenty of pics in your profile. We are visual creatures and we rely on our sight to create initial interest. If you’re anything like me, you love taking pictures of yourself when you’re dressed. Now you have a place to share them and show off. Be proud of those pics and be generous in your profile. You can hide your face if you’re not ready to come out to the rest of the world as a CD or admirer, but there’s so much you can do: flaunt those sexy legs, or that amazing derriere, or special wardrobe pieces you’re proud of. I’ve personally found that men, CDs, and even women enjoy looking at my legs, especially when I’m wearing thigh highs and one of the dozens of pair of 5” heels I own. So, you’ll see a lot of them in my profile. Be proud, darlings…show the world who you are.

Now, a tip for tops…please don’t use explicit images in your profile. For one thing, your profile won’t be approved with a cock shot as your public pic. Within your profile, you may use explicit pics if they’re set only for Friends. While us gurls do appreciate sexy, well-done dick pics, we prefer to see those after we begin communicating privately. Yes, we’re attracted to the dick, but also love to see the body that it’s attached to. Feel free to use pics that show us the whole package.

4. Interact via chat.

Spend as much time as you desire in chat getting to know other members. As an evolving sissy, I combed the Internet looking for chat sites where I could talk to others about my continuing evolution and it was difficult to find a site like ours that is welcoming, safe and allows people in our community to interact and learn from others. Whether you’re an evolving panty boy, a full-blown sissy, a bi-curious male, or an experienced top, you have experiences that others can learn from. Please share them with others who can learn from you.

5. Interact with Members

There are lots of ways to interact with members in the Member’s Area. Check out people’s profiles and say “Hi!” Introduce yourself in the private one-on-one messaging and ask if you can add them as a friend. Leave them a compliment (we have cute and sexy compliments you can send to other members!). Finally, check out our NEW Community Blog and be sure to leave comments for others there. Everyone appreciates comments on their posts, and what goes on in the Community area is for Member’s Only, so your comments cannot be read by the public.

6. Follow the Platinum Rule.

The Golden Rule is great backup, but here the Platinum Rule rules: Treat others as they would like to be treated. Respect and integrity should form the foundation of all your activity here; beyond that, pay attention to what others might want (or not want) and how they see themselves. If in doubt, ask.

7. Be safe

Always use common sense with your pics and your identity. We try our best to provide a safe place to interact, but once you begin sharing information with somebody new, you must protect yourself. My experience first as a CD, then as a sissy, proves to me that the vast majority of people are well meaning and just looking for mutual fun. That doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down, though—just be smart and vigilant.

8. Tell your friends!

Don’t forget to invite all your sexy friends who also appreciate the finer things in life like fine wine, sexy crossdressers and the freedom to be you. The more the merrier!

Please talk about us and share your stories of success here. As you already know, we don’t use fake profiles to boost our numbers—behind every profile is a real person, and more real people means more potential fun for us all. You can help CoQ grow exponentially into the large, thriving online community we all envision. If you’re happy you found us, share that gift by bringing others into the Circle of Q.

So, CDs are in a funny position. We’re not fully accepted by the swingers community… we feel out of place in the trans community… when we’re kinky, we’re just a subset of all of the larger fetish sites that are out there… we’re vulnerable to scammers… and many are looking for something more than a hookup. Add all of those things together, and it’s no wonder why meeting others with like-minded intent in a secure environment has been so difficult.

In a nutshell, that’s why I teamed with Ms. Ava to create Circle of Q. I know there are hundreds of thousands of us out there, secretly dressing while our wives are away… or if you’re lucky, your partner accepts or even encourages your dressing. Or if you’re really lucky, like me, you’re divorced and have new freedom to fully explore your CD or sissy obsession . Regardless of your circumstances, you probably long to find others like yourself to chat with, trade secrets with, or even meet to fully explore your hidden desires. You’ll find that here, so come join us soon.

If you’re happy you found us, share that gift by bringing others into the Circle of Q.

By Rebecca Lynn

Please call me Becca. I'm so happy to be part of this community.

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