5 Quick Makeup Tips for Crossdressers by Jecca Blac: Beard Cover

By gender free makeup brand Jecca Blac


Today’s guest blog is brought to you by UK based, gender-free makeup brand Jecca Blac. Jecca Blac began with safe space makeup lessons for makeup wearers at the start of their journey with self expression – presenting clients an opportunity to experiment with makeup for the first time in a relaxed, private, judgement free setting. Many of the clients to attend these makeup lessons were from the trans and cross dressing community, and came to Jecca Blac’s Founder with requests for concealing beard shadow and developing a contour regime.

Because of this, Jecca Blac’s first ever product to launch was designed with makeup wearers in mind who sought beard shadow coverage. The Correct & Conceal Palette even went on to win ‘BEST CONCEALER OF 2020’ at the Beauty Bible Awards, and can be used to meet a multitude of coverage needs ranging from concealing beard shadow, to providing coverage to redness, scarring, dark under eyes, and providing an all over base. We consider ourselves experts in the field of meeting the needs of transfeminine makeup wearers, as well as those who wish to cross dress and want to incorporate beard shadow coverage in their makeup looks!

Today we’re sharing our 5 top tips for a seamless beard shadow coverage! We hope you enjoy!

1. Shave any facial hair

Do this using a fresh razor to enable you to achieve a super close shave to your skin, warm water, and a shaving balm or cream. If you are shaving using this method, be sure to run the razor in the same direction the hair grows – going against the grain of your hair is more likely to lead to ingrown hairs or razor bumps. For an ultra smooth result, be sure to cleanse and exfoliate the skin before shaving – this will leave your skin feeling silky smooth as well as helping to combat any dry patches which could lead to a patchy or bumpy makeup application. Once you have cleansed, exfoliated and shaved, you’re ready for one final step of skin prep:

2. Moisturise the skin

Moisturised skin provides a smoother surface for makeup to be applied on top of. Applying a moisturiser will hydrate any dry patches on the skin which could lead to a rougher application. We have a moisturising Primer which is created for the purpose of priming the skin while also hydrating it – and while it is designed with all skin types every makeup wearer in mind, it is a great step to incorporate in your makeup regime if you have dry skin or are enduring any wintery conditions! Our Hydrate Primer is a great step of your skin prep before starting your makeup, as it is formulated with aloe juice and shea butter – both of which are amazing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated while enhancing its natural radiance.


3. Prime the skin

When it comes to a smooth makeup application – particularly for full coverage looks – taking these extra steps for skin prep is essential to having a longer wearing base and keeping your coverage locked and loaded throughout its wear. Our Blur & Matte Primer is designed with makeup wearers in mind who want to blur the appearance of any texture in their skin – this includes beard shadow, pores, fine lines, scarring and blemishes. It will also help mattify the skin by reducing the amount of oil produced by the face throughout the day, making it perfect for makeup wearers looking to layer beard coverage on top. Once you have completed your skincare (including moisturising), the final step before applying any coverage is our Blur & Matte Primer. This will provide a sturdy foundation before any cream or liquid pigments for coverage are applied on top. Using a brush or your fingertips, massage our Blur & Matte Primer all over your base, focusing on any areas which need any extra coverage.


4. It’s time to conceal!

Now you have completed your skin prep and primed your base using the steps recommended, it’s time to start your beard shadow coverage. We have found the most effective way to achieve a natural looking, seamless beard coverage is to start with a colour corrector for any areas of darkness, and then follow with a concealer which matches your skin tone over the top.

Our Correct & Conceal Palette contains both a Colour Corrector and a Concealer, making this two-step concealer method simple and effective for you. Start by using the peachy colour corrector over any areas of darkness in the beard area. This will immediately help brighten and erase any areas of darkness.

Once you’ve colour corrected, follow with the ‘Concealer’ part of the Correct & Conceal Palette. These two are designed to be layered and have a smooth, cream consistency which leaves a natural, skin-like finish. Apply the ‘Concealer’ shade all over your base, including any areas you have just colour corrected around the beard area. This will help blend the colour correction in with the rest of your base!

Here’s how to conceal beard shadow using the Blur & Matte Primer and Correct & Conceal Palette:

5. Set your base

Once you have finished step 4, you can follow this with a layer of liquid foundation if you want a super full coverage look. However, many of our customers find the Correct & Conceal Palette alone provides enough coverage to conceal beard shadow without incorporating any extra foundation/base coverage products – so depending on your preference, a layer of foundation might not be necessary! Once you are happy with your beard shadow coverage, you can go ahead with any next steps of setting your base using a translucent setting powder as shown in our video tutorial, or if you want extra full coverage use a powder foundation. Now your base is complete, you can get creative with colours on your eyes, lips & cheeks, contour, shape your brows, add eyeliners and mascaras.



If you still aren’t quite where you’d like to be with your coverage and want to focus on concealing any certain areas, we have a full coverage Liquid Concealer which helps provide full coverage to specific areas and has a long lasting, soft matte finish. Tap this onto any areas which require a little extra concealer, and be sure to keep it with you in case you want to touch up or freshen up throughout the day – we know masks can provide challenges for coverage in the beard area!


We hope you enjoyed our tips! Want free makeup assistance or advice on shade matching? CLICK HERE.

Jecca Blac always strives to celebrate makeup wearers with a mantra of being authentic, creative and inclusive.


Any questions? Email [email protected]

By Jecca Blac

Jecca Blac is a gender free makeup brand that was founded by Jessica Blackler, offering makeup lessons to transgender and crossdressing make-up wearers. Jecca Blac's mission is to be a brand that represents all beauty lovers: all expressions, genders, sexualities, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes. As well as providing cruelty free makeup products we also help bring our beautiful community together.

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