Guest Posting Opportunity

Guest Posting Opportunity on the Circle of Q Panty Lines Blog

Seeking Writers & Contributors!

Are you a writer, podcaster, YouTuber, or a regular CD with a story to tell? Great! Circle of Q is looking for guest bloggers and contributors for our fun, informative blog resource, Panty Lines: The Crossdressing Blog for CDs, Sissies and Admirers.

Topics should be relevant to the lives, lifestyles, and experiences of recreational crossdressers, sissies, transfemmes, bi-curious men, and admirers.*  Examples:

  • socialization and dating tips,
  • opinions, essays, inspiration,
  • personal stories
  • resources, reviews, research
  • relationship advice for CDs and their partners,
  • sexuality issues and interests,
  • related BDSM lifestyle topics,
  • crossdressing tips (makeup, hair, clothing, voice, style),
  • how to act/embody your femme,
  • gender versus sex,
  • self-acceptance and self-love,
  • the risk of keeping secrets,
  • understanding your irresistible urges,
  • crossdressing as a fetish,
  • crossdressing as a lifestyle,
  • the psychology and emotions behind feminization
  • how to come out as a CD,
  • finding community,
  • goals and challenges,
  • tips on how to have “the talk,”
  • risks versus rewards,
  • tips on body language,
  • the thrill/fear of getting caught,
  • tips on what to avoid when starting out,
  • tips on crossdressing in public for the first time,
  • balancing life, dressing, and play
  • reasons why we crossdress,
  • reasons why admirers admire CDs,
  • how to feel empowered as a CD,
  • what to think about before coming out,
  • tips for being confident,
  • and more! (Your ideas here!)

*While many of our members are transwomen in varying degrees of transition, most CoQ members and visitors are part-time or recreational crossdressers who want to keep their everyday identity as a straight or bisexual male. Therefore, articles on gender politics, medical transitioning, etc. typically won’t be a good fit.

Why Post on Panty Lines? — The Perks:

Besides contributing your knowledge and thoughts to a great community of real CDs, sissies, and admirers who are eager to read your words, here are some other reasons to share your post or content on Panty Lines:

  • Help others with your expert advice.
  • Publishing credits.
  • Link back to your site or social media.
  • Boost interest and link to your profile (if you are a member).
  • Promote your blog, business, or brand.
  • Join the conversation and make your opinion count.
  • Our adoration and accolades!

Submit Your Post to Panty Lines!

To submit your story, article, podcast, video, or other contribution for possible inclusion in Panty Lines, please fill out this form, or click the button below.

Our editor will respond with further instructions if your submission is accepted.

By submitting this post or contribution, you agree to have your work posted in the Panty Lines blog.

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