Circle of Q is a online social community and dating site for adult cross-dressers, sissies, pantyboys, transfemmes, transwomen, cuckolds, bi-curious and bisexual male bottoms, male tops and admirers, and partners. All profiles are subject to approval. Profiles identified as genetic women must have a screening call with Ms. Ava or a staff member.
    1. 1. Click the Register button and fill out the form. Your password will be e-mailed to you. It might arrive in your spam folder.
2. Log in (look in the upper right of your screen) and add a profile photo. Be tasteful here; no genitals or explicit pics in profiles, please. That's what private galleries are for. (-: 3. This will give you a free basic account with access to group text chat and open forums. However, you'll need full membership to join the community, display your profile, and enjoy all the site features. To complete your membership, click the tab on your profile and choose a plan. * NOTE: Circle of Q membership is free for a limited time. If you don't see a "Complete My Membership" tab, you're in as a full member! Need help? E-mail [email protected] or message 978.647.7232 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET
If you don’t see an account activation email within a few minutes after registering, check your spam (junk) folder. Be sure to mark the message as "Not Spam" so our future e-mails will go to your inbox. If it's not in your spam folder, e-mail [email protected] or message 978.647.7232 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET for assistance.  
Click or hover over the icon in the upper right. It will be a circle or three gold bars. Then choose "Log In." This is also where you'll find your member menu when you're logged in.
A checkmark shows that a member has been verified as a real person by Ms. Ava, Sissy Becca, or a trusted contact. Some verified members are personal acquaintances; others are verified through phone or webcam call with Ms. Ava. We do not check ID or do background checks, nor can we vouch for any member's character or behavior. Verification means that we have spoken with the member personally to make sure the account belongs to a real person with legitimate reasons for joining our community (not a bot, spammer, findom, escort, etc.) Verification requires a friendly phone interview with Ms. Ava and a $50 fee (contribution toward Circle of Q operational costs).  If interested, contact Ms. Ava to arrange a time and for the payment link.
Click the Search link in your member menu (the dropdown in the upper right). To see a list of members, leave all fields blank and click Submit. Only full members are visible in search. Free accounts are not visible and cannot contact other members.
Click on the 3 horizontal dots in the upper right (More Options). You can silence your alerts and change your availability status there.

Membership in our community is $29/month, $57/quarter, $144/year.

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We review new profiles and photos to help prevent bots, escorts, porn promoters, etc. from infiltrating the site. Unfortunately, this process isn't foolproof. We can't confirm the accuracy of a profile's content or photos, or the person behind it. Use caution when getting to know someone and revealing personal information. Please use the "Report" button and e-mail Ms. Ava about any member who seems to be here for the wrong reasons, solicits money, exhibits poor behavior, or violates our Terms of Service. Reporting suspect behavior is essential to keep our community pleasant for all.
This is usually because the camera was held sideways or upside down when taking the photo. To correct this, upload the photo to an image editing site like https://www11.lunapic.com/editor/?action=rotate. Use the green arrows to rotate, then click "Save" at the bottom.
"No fake profiles" means we don't add profiles to pad the numbers. It's common practice for dating sites to buy thousands of such profiles to load into their system to look more populated. We decided not to do that. It's more honest to grow organically with real members. But this doesn't mean that every profile is accurate. People can still lie and post any photo they like. Keep this in mind and use caution when interacting with other members. You can always request a private video chat to see them in person.
Remember that there's no way to keep someone from taking screenshots... here or anywhere. Keep this in mind when deciding what photos to post and with whom to share them. We suggest keeping sensitive photos in private albums open only to friends.
Profile photos must be larger than 150 px and smaller than 5 MB. Profile photos may not contain nudity, explicit sexual images, or personal information. Racier photos can go into your private galleries.
Yes! Become a CoQ Brand Ambassador and benefit in two ways: (i) enjoy an expanded CoQ community with even more great members like you, and (ii) make a few extra bucks as our thanks for spreading the word. Just sign up as an affiliate and share your link with friends, on your website, and on your social media. It's easy! Here are some tips and advice for promoting your Circle of Q affiliate link.
Members may not advertise or solicit any type of business via Circle of Q accounts or messaging systems. If you're interested in promoting your business on our website or blog, or offering an educational event to our members, contact Ms. Ava or Rebecca Lynn at [email protected]
Many specialized websites (sissy dating sites, crossdresser dating sites, bisexual dating sites, etc,) are nodes of larger corporate networks. Some of these may then use your profile and/or photo on other sites, perhaps even in public-facing areas. That's not us. We're a private independent website and community, and not affiliated with any network. Your profile and information stays within the Circle of Q community, at the level of privacy you choose.
We are trying to fix this. In the meantime, here's how to write a message with multiple paragraphs: Click Shift+Enter to skip a line without sending the message. Click Enter to send the message.
Click the Friends tab in your profile page. Below the tab, you'll see two buttons: Friends and Requests. Click Requests. You'll see members who have sent you friend requests. Click on the profile to accept or decline.

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