This Much I Know

I know that:

I am attracted to women, but not to men.

When I first saw a sissy many years ago, I thought he looked silly.

But when I chatted to a Domme and confessed I had a small manhood, she told me I should become comfortable wearing lingerie and on my knees in front of big cocks.

I didn’t see that as happening.

But when I listened to a sissy audio series out of curiosity, it turned me on.

I started watching  and now do like watching cock sucking hypnosis. Actually I am addicted to it.

I do like dressing up in pink: panties, stockings and suspenders, breastforms etc.

I think about sucking cocks. Part of me really wants to do it, part of my resists.

This is all a bit confusing, but I am learning to accept this.

By susan

Curious about this whole world!

2 thoughts on “This Much I Know

  • Kailey

    I think lots of people are attracted to women romantically but into cock. I think sucking cock as a sissy femme is a delightful combination. You get that femme sensation while at the same time you know what it feels like for the guy. Would you only want to do it when dressed up? I’m only in the mood to do it when I’m in full gurly mood. Good luck whatever you decide

    • susan

      I haven’t done it yet, but can see the appeal of being dressed up…

      Am thinking of buying a pink sissy maid outfit. I’d like to wear it at a Femdomme club…

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