Adventures with Becca – A Sissy’s First Birthday Party Surprise!

When Ms. Ava first suggested that she throw me a birthday party, I thought it would be a fun outing in Wilton Manors with other gurls like myself. Little did I know that she had plans that would clear up any misconceptions I had about what a sissy would do and how far I would go down the rabbit hole. 😊

I was at a point in my crossdressing journey where I had a deep desire to go beyond where I was, but was afraid to take the next steps.

At the time, I was spending a lot of time in Florida and had previously found Ms. Ava’s Sissy Parlor online. I finally decided to contact her.

I still remember our first conversation because I wasn’t looking for a domme woman to help MAKE me into more of sissy, I wanted an understanding woman that I could talk to who could help me go further down that path to be a better sissy. Ms. Ava’s replies to all of my questions on the phone made me believe that she was the perfect person to make that happen.

I arrived at the Sissy Parlor in full male mode and Ava gave me time to get dressed.

My first time in the Sissy Parlor was exhilarating. Ms. Ava has it decorated in full feminine splendor and I could feel my masculinity drip away with every second I was there. I had selected a somewhat mild outfit for my first meeting with her. A black and white dress with stay-up stockings (because I do not go anywhere without my thigh highs 😊). I had my favorite reddish wig and easy to walk in 3” heels. I knew I’d be walking out of there en femme, so I wanted to make sure I looked good… but not trashy.

After applying makeup and getting dressed, I sat down with Ms. Ava and we talked and talked. Her entire manner, disposition and personality make her such an easy person to be open with and her passion for helping gurls like me was so clearly evident. I could feel my mind quickly morph into full feminine mode as I sat there talking about my experiences as a crossdresser and the experiences I wanted to have.

We talked about why crossdressing is so exciting and the difference between a CD and a sissy. I pretty much knew before meeting her that I was destined to be a sissy, but I wanted to talk it out and to truly explore the depth of my desires. She talked me through all my fears, doubts and insecurities and made me feel so good about what, up till then, had been my private desires.

This first meeting led to the development of a strong friendship and we began to have conversations about the needs of a crossdresser “community” and eventually to starting this site.

As we were making plans to create Circle of Q, I let it slip that my birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. Ms. Ava’s eyes lit up when I told her of my desire to have a true sissy day for my birthday. She just winked at me and said, “I’ll take it from here and give you a day that you’ll never, ever forget.” She didn’t tell me what she had planned—all I knew is that I felt secure in her hands, so I gladly accepted her offer.

On the day of my birthday, Ms. Ava came to my place and helped me put finishing touches on my makeup. She had asked me to wear sexy loungewear because what she had in mind wouldn’t require leaving my house. She said it should be enticing, slutty and make me feel like a sexy little vixen for the evening. I tried not to disappoint.

I was wearing my favorite black 5-inch, “fuck-me” heels, with stockings, a garter belt and a sexy black corset. My silicone breast forms were tucked inside a sexy bra and I had a long, form-fitting and flowing black lacy gown. I decided to be a blond on my birthday because as we all know… blondes have more fun!

Ms. Ava and I quickly got into girl mode as we sat talking about clothes, makeup and all things girls talk about. She kept glancing at her watch but she wouldn’t respond to my questions asking what she had planned for the day. After all, it was only 3:45 in the afternoon and the entire evening lay ahead of us.

At 3:55, Ms. Ava received a text and after reading it, looked me in the eye and said “Your birthday celebration begins in a couple of minutes, Becca. I’ve arranged a little demonstration that will help you decide if you really are a sissy, or if this is just fun fantasy for you. Are you ready to start?”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but was so excited to finally explore some of my sissy fantasies that I said, “Yes, yes, yes. Let my celebration begin!”

She smiled and said, “OK, you need to go into the bedroom and get on your knees in front of the bed. You’ll know what to do when the time is right.”

I immediately got up, went into the next room and arranged pillows on the floor so I could comfortably kneel. There was a mirror strategically placed so that I could see myself in all my girly splendor and I looked fabulous. 😊

Five minutes later, I heard Ms. Ava open the front door and greet a man. She welcomed him into the house and I could tell that they knew each other. I couldn’t hear all of the conversation, but I did hear her tell the man, “take your clothes off and put on these panties.” It was clear that he was a man who did whatever Ms. Ava told him to do.

Two minutes later, she was leading him into my bedroom. He was a mid-40s, fairly fit guy who looked pretty hot in the pink panties that Ms. Ava made him wear.

She led him to the bed next to me and said, “David, this is Becca. It’s her birthday and for her special day I’m giving her the joy of being a sissy. Part of being a sissy is to pleasure any man who wants pleasure. Would you like to be pleasured by Sissy Becca?”

David was already getting hard inside his panties as he looked at me and said, “She’s a sexy little slut. I would love to give her what she needs.”

Ms. Ava giggled and led him to sit on the bed right in front of me. She looked at me and said, “You know what to do Sissy. Give David what he needs.” She walked out of the room and left me alone with David.

I had pleasured men before, but never in a setting like this. I was used to doing this at night in dim lighting so I could hide my identity and make believe that it really wasn’t me doing it. This was so different. It was mid-afternoon. The sun was shining through the windows and there was nowhere for me to hide. I took a quick glance at the mirror and saw a beautiful, sexy woman on her knees, and I knew that I would, from this time on, always be a sissy.

I started fondling David and it didn’t take him long to get hard. He had an average-sized cock and it was already throbbing before I even began licking. I’ll spare you all the fun details of how I got to show him my oral skills, but suffice it to say that it didn’t take long before I felt his body spasm and felt a warm feeling in my mouth as he filled it.

I savored that taste as he got up from the bed. I continued kneeling like a good sissy as he got dressed and walked into the main room. I could hear him telling Ava how good of a cocksucker I was and that he’d be happy to use me as often as possible.

After he left, Ms. Ava asked me to join her in the living room. We sat and talked about what had just happened and how it made me feel. I was high on endorphins and other hormones and couldn’t stop talking about how good it made me feel to give pleasure to men. I told her that being a sissy freed me from being masculine and allowed me to enjoy things I’d never enjoyed before… like getting men off. It filled me with joy, purpose and pleasure.

She laughed knowingly as I described how it all made me feel because she had already known that about me… even before I did. I clearly remember her saying, “I’m so happy to hear that, Becca. I knew you were a sissy slut the first time I met you. You just needed to have it brought out in you.”

She looked at her watch again and said, “It’s 4:45. Your next ‘appointment’ arrives in 15 minutes. You need to go fix your makeup and wash that cum out of your hair.”

I fixed my makeup and assumed my position back in the bedroom. When the next guy arrived, Ms. Ava brought him into the bedroom and told me, “Becca, please meet Brad. Brad is what I like to call a ‘stunt cock.’ That means that he’s a real man who would never wear panties, but he loves to use sissies like you for his pleasure.” She gave him a quick kiss and left us alone.

I could immediately tell that this man was different. He had a rock-hard body that I later learned he maintained for his job as a dancer at a male strip club. He had a take charge demeanor that I immediately noticed as he walked over to me, grabbed my head and rubbed my face against his crotch. He was still clothed, but even through his pants, I could feel a much larger cock than the first guy.

After he sat down, I greedily took as much of him as I could. He was confident in what he wanted as he guided my head to give him the utmost pleasure. After several minutes of blissful pleasure, he forced my head all the way down on him and I heard him moaning as he filled my throat with his delicious nectar. He was so deep down my throat that all of my instincts told me to gag to get air, but I fought it off till he was finished.

After he done, he immediately stood up and told me to get his clothes. I was still gasping for breath as I brought them over to him. He slipped them on as I cherished the yummy flavors in my mouth. As he walked out of the room he looked back at me and said, “You suck cock better than a girl. Good job, sissy.”

After fixing my makeup and returning to the living room, I found Ms. Ava sitting there talking with Brad. I meekly joined them because I’d never actually talked with a man after I had serviced him. Most of them just got up and left.

We sat and chatted a while until Ms. Ava told me to get ready for the finale. Brad got up to leave, but Ms. Ava convinced him to stick around to watch the entertainment. I fixed my makeup and returned to the living room. Shortly thereafter, two guys arrived. One was in his early 30s, the other was in his late 40’s. The younger one was short-ish but had a very fit, hard body. The older one was taller with broad shoulders and a slim waist.

I sat there in a daze as they talked about what was going to happen and began to understand what my “finale” would be. Apparently, these guys had done this before. They were experienced “spit-roasters.”

The next hour was a blur as the two guys took turns with me. They took their time and made sure that I knew what it felt like to be a sissy and to enjoy being truly and fully used by real men. Even Brad got re-involved as he took a spot in the rotation. I couldn’t keep track of which guy was where, but I didn’t care as I enjoyed just being their submissive fucktoy.

My birthday evening ended with me smelling like sex, my clothes almost torn off, my wig askew and my makeup a mess. I felt like I finally knew what it feels like to be a true sissy.

It was the most exhilarating birthday I’ve ever had.

I will never forget it.


By BeccaCOQ

Welcome to my profile.  I hope you're enjoying the site so far.   I'm one of the co-founders of Circle of Q with Miss Ava and we are so excited to get our new site going.  I'm a real CD that struggled with my feminine side for years and years till just recently, but am a proud sissy now. :-)

3 thoughts on “Adventures with Becca – A Sissy’s First Birthday Party Surprise!

  • Emily Rider

    Such an amazing Birthday it sounds like! I think Ms. Ava knew exactly what you craved and desired. I’ve still be reluctant to service a real man, that is what leads me to this site, looking to further develop myself as a person and sissy. It has been a wild ride so far on this journey and looking to expand.

    Appreciate the stories Becca. Look forward to browsing around more of the site to see what you and Ms. Ava have created!



  • Serjio

    What an erotic and exciting birthday celebration you experienced Becca!
    Ms. Ava really knows how to build up the festivities 😉
    Thank you for sharing!


  • Wiserfool

    Sounds like an enjoyable experience for all! Thanks for sharing.

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