7 Things You Can Do in Circle of Q

Circle of Q Has Lots of Opportunity to Connect and Engage!

Circle of Q has loads of opportunities to connect with other crossdressers and admirers via events, personal blogs, text, voice and video chat, community forums, and more. Here’s are seven great things you can do as a Circle of Q member, and how.

1. Find Interesting People and Prospective Friends

  • Search members by gender, role, interests, location, verification status, and more.
  • Check out profiles, including photos, videos, and articles, to learn more about all the great people in the Circle of Q community.
  • Reach out by private message.
  • If you’re shy, use a one-click compliment to break the ice.

2. Expand Your Profile to Help Others Find You

  • Add details and a profile photo.
  • Upload photos and videos to your galleries.
  • Restrict gallery access or leave it visible to everyone.
  • Write articles to share your thoughts and personal stories.

3. Participate in Online Events 

  • Check the Events page for Zoom socials, educational sessions, and other events.
  • Volunteer to host a Zoom social or mindshare session.

4. Meet Members in Person  

  • Find local crossdressers and admirers who want to socialize in person. Announce or propose an event, a casual dinner, a private party, or a relaxed hangout in a local bar or home in the  “Social Hangouts and Events” forum  for your state or country.

5. Use Text, Voice, and Video Chat to Communicate Anonymously 

  • Drop by the public chat room 24×7 to see who’s there.
  • Arrange to meet friends in a private chat room.
  • Engage with new friends anonymously by text, voice, or webcam.

6. Engage and Learn in the Forums

Subscribe to your favorite forums to be notified of new posts. Categories are:

  • Public Discussion (also open to free accounts)
  • Member Discussion
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Chat Room Dates
    • Find members who like to chat. Arrange to meet in the Circle of Q public chat room or arrange a private chat.
  • Advice Line
    • Ask questions and help others along the way.
  • Personal Ads
    • Looking for something or someone special? Post it here.
  • Social Hangouts and Events
    • Opportunities to socialize locally or while traveling.
  • Buy-Sell-Trade
  • Technical Issues and Site Help             

7. Share Your Stories and Thoughts with the CoQ Community

Use the “Articles” feature to express yourself and share your thoughts with fellow members. We all love to read and comment on each other’s personal stories, questions, adventures, confessions, victories, dilemmas, essays, and opinions!

Your article will appear in two places: (i) your profile page and (ii) the CoQ Community page, a private blog for members, by members. (We can hide your article in the latter if you wish.) Some posts may be published in the public Panty Lines blog, with permission.

It’s easy! Just start a new article in your profile and add the copy.  A photo is helpful, but optional. When you’re done, click “Submit for Review.” We’ll notify you when your article is approved.

Contact the Member Resource Center if you need help. We’re always happy to assist.

What are your favorite things to explore in the Circle of Q community?


By Ava Durga

I'm one of the cofounders of Circle of Q and love working with Sissy Becca and our team to create this community for you. I established The Sissy Parlor of South Florida in 2017, the Blue Belles Meetup groups for CDs and transfemmes in 2018, dressed my first sissy in 2001, and have been privy to a broad spectrum of identities, relationships, sexualities, and lifestyles along the way.  In addition to running Circle of Q, I advise male clients all over the world on accepting and exercising the desire to explore feminine experiences of all types. Read my extended bio here.  

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