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Becca Lynn is many things to many people. The co-founder of Circle of Q; a crossdresser (CD) who struggled with her desire for many years before finally giving in and accepting it about herself; and an alpha male, father, and successful businessman.

Becca started the way a lot of CDs do by trying on panties and enjoying the feeling. That sensation quickly led to the inclusion of stockings, then heels, then an entire outfit, and eventually a full wardrobe. Her journey started over 15 years ago. Since then, she has gone through the typical phases… buying clothes, purging clothes, accepting herself as a CD, then being ashamed of her desire, then buying more clothes… wash, rinse, repeat.

During those 15 years, Becca told her then-wife about her interest in women’s clothes and tried to make it part of their marriage. Her wife reacted like most do upon learning their husband likes to crossdress. She went through the stages that most partners go through… shock, disbelief, questioning, etc. For the lucky crossdresser this ends in “acceptance,” but that never happened for Becca. Her wife acquiesced but distanced herself from any involvement. While this allowed Becca to continue experimenting, it didn’t allow her to share herself fully with her partner.

Like many women, Becca’s wife struggled with the knowledge that her manly husband, the one who had always ruled the roost, wanted to be feminine sometimes. The situation brings up all types of questions. Is my husband gay? What didn’t I give him that makes him want this? What can I do to “cure” him? Does it make me a lesbian if I like this about him?

Becca’s wife acted like she accepted it, but Becca could tell that it was only to be a good wife. Five years later, they divorced for reasons unrelated to crossdressing. They had an amicable breakup after a long marriage that produced amazing children.

Becca could now pursue her crossdressing without having to continually hide her clothes and makeup— and pursue it she did. She held a high-powered position on the west coast so she couldn’t publicly dress, but she had a lot of fun privately shopping, filling up closets and perfecting her look.

It wasn’t until Becca began dating an amazing woman that she received the validation she needed to fully accept herself. This woman sent Becca a book called, Help, I Think I’m a Sissy. What to Do About Wanting to Feel Girly. The book and his girlfriend’s acceptance of her desire helped Becca to accept the feminine feelings and taught her that it is OK to crossdress and be a sissy.

During Becca’s time struggling with her desire, she spent a lot of time online trying to chat with other CDs or people that liked them. She tried every chat site, dating site, fetish site, and sexual resource online and could not find the perfect site to express herself as a CD and to feel safe about meeting other people. While there are numerous extremely informative sites that explore the reasons for crossdressing and provide support, there was no “dating” site or social community that was developed by people with an intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by crossdressers. She regularly ran into websites that touted thousands of subscribers, but after spending money to join learned that most of the profiles were fake and designed to attract new paying members. In addition, the sites she explored were full of fembots and/or findommes that only wanted to exploit a sissy’s desire for their own financial gain.

A chance meeting with Ms. Ava in late 2019 led to the development of a close friendship and the idea to create their own community for CDs, sissies, bi-curious men, cuckolds, male admirers, and female partners to congregate, meet, chat, and get acquainted with others that have similar interests and desires. Learn more about how Circle of Q was born.

Becca now loves sharing her story with other budding CDs and enjoys helping them explore their full feminine potential, whether they just want to stay a panty boi, or wish to go full femme.

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