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Founder of Ms. Ava’s Sissy Parlor of South Florida, the Blue Belles Meetup groups for crossdressers and transfemmes, and Creative Sexuality Education Center, and cofounder of the new online social community and dating site for CDs and admirers, Circle of Q, Ava Durga is a nationally known advisor and confidant for straight and bisexual men interested in crossdressing and gender play, as well as a resource for their female partners.

Ava first dipped her feet into the deep waters of the kink ocean in 2001, when she worked as office manager at the Dominant Divas, a large professional BDSM studio in Fort Lauderdale, during an adventure break from corporate life. It was there that she received formal training and hands-on practice in BDSM and discovered the satisfaction and fun of working with crossdressers.

While she eventually returned to a more traditional career in communications consulting and training, Ava couldn’t stay away from the colorful lands of power exchange. She attended play parties, became a member of Club FEM, and over the years has learned from some of the best sexuality educators in the country through the Academy of S/M Arts in San Francisco, Beyond Leather, Leather University, Southeast Leatherfest, SPICE,  local workshops of interest, Kink Academy.com, cherished mentors (Dr. John Warren and Lady Q of particular note), other events, and lots of reading, listening, observation, and practice.

In 2010, drawing from her experience in online education, she launched a project called Creative Sexuality Education Center (fka Power Play Academy), designed as an online campus where adult sexuality educators could teach and market their own online courses and webinars. Creative Sexuality hosted some innovative courses and web events during its time, including the world’s first Virtual Fetish Film Festival, expert panel discussions and webinars, and online instructor-led courses from a variety of screened sexologists and adult sex educators. She closed the campus in 2016 after the project proved too complex to manage after a shift in life circumstances, but the educators she met and the things she learned from them were priceless.

In 2017, Ava found herself at a cocktail party at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale next to Lady Qitara, then Headmistress of Club FEM Southeast Florida, and her charming sissy husband, Priscilla. Upon marrying Priscilla, Lady Q had retired after a long career as a renowned prodomme specializing in feminization. They chatted about the fun of crossdressing and the CD friends they had in common, but much more about their respective philosophies on the topic and the chronically unmet needs of CDs and admirers in the kink and trans communities. By the end of the conversation, Lady Q had convinced Ava to launch her own practice and offered to become her mentor.

And thus the Sissy Parlor was born. With the help of  Lady Q and supportive friends, Ava furnished a lovely lakeside condo in a clean, progressive area (so convenient for outings), christened it The Sissy Parlor, and the clients began to call. Shortly thereafter, she launched the Blue Belles Meetup groups as a community service to the CD and trans communities in South Florida and Las Vegas. She’s worked with hundreds of crossdressers worldwide in person and by phone and webcam.

With CV-19 she suspended all live appointments, but had already recognized the need for an engaging social community and dating site for recreational CDs and their admirers. In May of 2020, she teamed up with her friend Rebecca Lynn (aka Sissy Becca) to create Circle of Q, a unique private online social and dating community where CDs and admirers worldwide can meet and play. Learn more about the founding of Circle of Q.

Ms. Ava is privy to the adventures, deep secrets, and needs of a minority community she has come to appreciate as only a mature woman with her experience could. Her approach toward feminization and bisexuality doesn’t include shaming, degradation, or punishments. Yes, she can use a firm hand and considered psychological interplay. If need be, she knows how to administer the lash. She understands the intricacies of chastity, and has a penchant for pegging.

But it’s her clients’ personal liberation she’s most after… the freedom and growth that occurs when a straight or bi male is permitted to temporarily drop the burden of masculinity and explore his repressed feminine energy. Cross-dressing and gender play, sometimes accompanied by deeply taboo fantasies, can provide altered states of consciousness, new perspectives, pure relaxation, erotic pleasure, and sometimes catharsis. Ms. Ava finds deep meaning in facilitating those experiences and providing “safe containers” for doing so, whether it’s through her online projects or coaching private clients.

We live in the age of the transitory, the quick fix, an Instagram post that “breaks the net” only to be replaced by another the very next day. Ava Durga knows the currency of authenticity: the longevity of goodwill, pinpoint focus, and nurturing those who come to her initially as clients but always leave as friends, forever transformed and feeling seen and cared for.  ~ Ralph Greco, Jr.

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