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An Online Social and Dating Community for Crossdressers, Sissies, Bi-curious Men, and Admirers


Join Circle of Q to meet like-minded friends for safe, discreet socializing and flirty recreational play—via group chat, messaging, voice and video chat, special online events, or in person.

Circle of Q is…

Exclusive. Circle of Q is a dedicated online community and dating site for crossdressers, sissies, transfemmes, bi-curious males, male tops, and admirers. Everyone here understands and respects your desires.

Private. From her years of working with CDs and admirers, both professionally and recreationally, co-founder Ava Durga knows how critical it is to protect your identity. And as a secret sissy with a vanilla alpha life, Becca is sensitive to this herself. The only information we collect is your e-mail address and screen name (unless you request verification), and we never share or abuse it. Your real name and payment information is kept by our payment processor, not us.

Real. There’s a real person behind every profile you see here. Did you know that fake profiles are sold by the thousands to dating sites to help lure you in? We won’t do that. We also screen profiles to help filter out scammers and bots. So while our numbers may be relatively small at first, every member is genuine.

Fun, Flirtatious, Liberating! Dress and express yourself any way you choose—and find friends and playmates who like you that way. Explore your deepest desires without shame or fear—and meet others who enjoy them, too. Be reserved. Be flirty. Be an observer. Be a social butterfly. Be whoever you are, or want to become, among a safe community of friends.


I looked at pegging porn last night as I watch football and I started chatting with Stephanie on circleofq. She sent pics of her dressing up in her pink panties and pink skirt and I sent pics of me in my panties. We were sexting a bit. It was getting late and I had to go. I did not come but was getting excited talking with Stephanie

~ Anon

its SO AMAZING to meet you here and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do four us gurls. I think this site will be an incredible success and Im so happy to be a part of it

~ Anon

Thank you Ava, I have already been contacted by 3 members !

~ Anon

(Ms. Ava) is an absolute joy to know and I credit her with giving me so much confidence as an older gurl to be less self conscious and be who i am. .. not to mention the meeting of so many beautiful gurls.

~ Anon

Congratulations on the website..i think ur onto something here..hopefully as it grows you can maintain the quality control without falling into the pitfalls like some of these other sites

~ Anon

A website without all the usual fake ad’s and hustlers..How refreshing!!!!

~ Anon

I’ve been playing with the new site this evening and I have to say I like how its built. There are lots of options and more information available when compared to the normal dating/meeting site.

~ Anon

I have tried other crossdresser sites over the years and found most are just wanting you to join other sites to actually meet someone. Circle of Q is the most legit site I’ve found. Ms. Ava and the girls I’ve met are sincere and real. I have yet to be contacted by a phony. So if you are a lover of the life style, a crossdresser, thinking of crossdressing, unsure of yourself, wanting to meet or just wanting someone understanding and like minded to chat with, I highly recommend Ms. Ava and the Circle of Q.

~ Danii

Circle of Q has ben a very positive experience for me. Having been a crossdresser for many years I found it hard to meet others unless I hit the bar scene. Through Circle of Q I have met several girls to chat with or get together with. I’ve enjoyed social get togethers and chat room gatherings. Having had experiences I felt would benefit others I wrote a blog post. Ms. Ava asked if it would be ok and then had my blog published on the public Panty Lines blog. I was thrilled to be published and intend to share more experiences.

~ Danii

I can honestly say this website is a terrific concept–it has given me the courage after many many years of hiding to chat with and be seen by other gurls–it has paved the way for me to venture out with confidence–i love the ability to chat with real people because i know that they are members who have the same feelings and thoughts that i do and are in fact willing to help and chat and get together when safe!! i have made a bunch of new friends and look forward to get togethers—Covid will be defeated in the future!! Thank you Ava and Becca for this wonderful opportunity.

~ Jen

There’s a lot to learn, share, and appreciate.

~ Renee Dana

First and foremost, Ms Ava and Becca are both very genuine good people, don’t miss an opportunity to meet either of them. With that being said, the launch of CircleofQ has been a great experience for me personally, meeting new people and sharing our similar interests is one of the many great experiences thus far. I really like the fact that members are all verified as “real”, no trolling “bots” or “pro’s”, just regular people with a common interest. Looking forward to being an active participant as the site grows.

~ Chrissy Reams

Dear Ms. Ava and Becca, I would like to let you know how much I enjoy the Circle of Q. I have made numerous online friends on the site and when this pandemic is finally over I hope to meet many of them in person.The site is safe and I feel I can be as anonymous or as open as I choose. Being able to talk about things of concern to all of us in a safe and non judgmental environment compared to some of the other sites out there is important. The chat room is an especially good feature where you can pop in any time and meet someone new and have a fun or a serious conversation. Recommend the CircleQ to any crossdressers out there whether they be newbies or have been dressing for years.

~ Ronnigirl

Good evening, Ms. Ava. Thank you for creating this site. I have my first date tomorrow night dressed as a female. I am nervous but remember so many things you taught me. Hopefully it will go well. Thank you again!

~ T.

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